A rug is a great purchcase.

I was at home a couple of days counting out my piggy bank. I had been saving for nearly three months and had got nearly a hundred pounds in savings. I was very proud that I had saved so much money. I was now in a position to use the money I had saved to invest in something that myself and my family could get some use out of. My wife had always wanted a new set of rugs for sale so I thought it would be a good idea to get some new rugs while my wife was out at work. I popped on the bus and travelled into my town centre . I knew of some great carpet and rug stores and was certain i would find myself something that I liked the look of. When I first visited the rug store I was amazed to see the amount of high quality rugs that they had on offer. Furthermore the costs of the rugs on offer were really reasonable . I decided to purchase a brand new modern rug. I got it home and laid it down on my living room floor. When my hardworking wife arrived home from work I showed her the new rug and she loved it.

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