The BP Oil Disaster Has Ruined Lives

It is no longer a shock to everyone that the BP oil disaster has ruined a lot of lives. If you would take a look at the oil spill facts which can be found on the internet, you would realize that the tragic event indeed had a massive impact on the lives of the people who depended on the environment for their livelihood.

The best example would be the local fisher folk. Before the BP oil disaster, local fishermen were able to harvest fresh seafood. They sell their fresh catch to the local restaurants in the area as well as to the other customers. They had a very good source of business because the catch was bountiful. The sea was unpolluted and the water encouraged the growth of a lot of sea creatures. The local restaurants, in turn, cook the fresh seafood and turn them into local delicacies which the tourists love.

After the oil spill happened, everything changed. A total fishing ban was announced by the local government because there was a widespread fear of contamination. The local fishermen were left without a source of livelihood. To learn more about the ill effects of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, you can check out some of the articles that have been written about it on

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