Knowing How To Kill Moths The Safe Way

There are a few methods for learning how to kill moths and how to repel them away from your clothes. Clothes moths are considered pests by many people in different parts of the world. Thats because they damage clothing. What it does is that it lays its eggs on clothes and when the egg hatches, it will have a clothing buffet ready for the larvae to eat.

The most common way for figuring out how to kill moths in the house is through insecticide. If you think that the clothes moths have done too much damage already, then what you need to do is isolate your home; get everyone out; close the doors, windows and other openings, and then spray every where. Wait a few hours before you come back inside, and then open all the doors and windows to release any insecticides in the air. Within a day or two, you will then notice moths and their larvae crawling out to their deaths.

However, insecticides may be a very effective way for figuring out how to kill moths, but it has bad side effects too. Thats because as strong as it is to strike down those moths, its chemicals still have some possibility of striking down a human being slowly and progressively. Insecticides contain chemicals that are known to cause health issues, especially respiratory problems when inhaled by humans. It also contains chemicals (that when released on the air) will damage the ozone layer or get stuck in the atmosphere–promoting greenhouse effect. That is why as effective as it is, it should only be used as a last resort.

A better way to save your clothes from moths is through using repellents. Although repellents are not known as a method learning how to kill a moth, but it is a more subtle, effective and safer way. It really does not have too many chemicals involved that can cause harm to the human body or to the environment. It is a preferred alternative by green thumbed people, rather than using hazardous techniques for learning how to kill moths.

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