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Grow Eyelashes – Grow Longer Thicker Eyelashes In Weeks

For as long as records return, females have tried to have eyelashes which were longer and thicker than their rivals. They knew that their beauty, and therefore their chances of being picked as a bride, were greatly enhanced by them having pretty eyes. And they knew then, as they know now, that the factor that makes a woman’s eyes stand out is long thick eyelashes. You can also get info about Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore.

From the Egyptians and Romans using kohl to highlight their eyes, to the females in the East using Henna to do the same, females have through the ages, tried to find the magic formula to give them pretty, long, curly lashes. Lots of methods such as hot wax to give the lashes a firmer look have resulted in blindness. Over time, countless methods have been developed and today, females have a variety of eyelash growing techniques and growth products at their disposal. From growing eyelashes naturally, to using home treatments to grow them, to permanent eyelashes, the choices are numerous. Females must choose which growth method suits their needs and budget.

A slightly more pricey method is eyelash extensions. These can be either semi-permanent eyelash extensions or permanent eyelash extensions. You can also visit to get more info.

Using mascara to give the impression of thicker eyelashes is still very popular and cheap. However, the chemical ingredients in mascara can be an irritant to some females and cause redness and itching. So, lots of females opt for false eyelashes to give them the long lashes they need. But again, this is a very temporary measure and has to be carried out every day. Furthermore, there is an art to putting on false lashes and if done incorrectly, they will appear lopsided.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are where the extensions are attached to each individual lash on the eyelid with a special glue and lasts for about two months. Semi-permanent extensions look very natural and will certainly give females longer eyelashes but care must be taken to pick the right salon. Done incorrectly, the hairs can look clumpy and when removed, the natural eye lashes can fall out as well. Semi-permanent eyelashes won’t be affected by every day routines such as bathing or swimming and the fact that the eyelash extensions last for two months is helpful as well.