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Women in Russia

Contemporary Russian women are far much different from the 15th and 16th Russian women. In the earlier periods, Russian women were faced with a myriad of challenges that emerged from the societal cultural practices. The legal and cultural practiced during those times were strongly against the women. During the socialist political rule, Russian women were still undermined by the dominant regime. The unfavorable political environment diminished the contribution of women in the society, science and technology, arts and humanities, religion and popular culture. However, Russian women have since emerged in these areas and hold greater positions and ranks in the country.

Russian women have since emerged from the position to surface in these areas. The emergence of a favorable environment for women in Russian is traced to the 1714 law of single inheritance that enabled women to inherit property. Women were also accorded power over family estates and dowry that was willed to them. Subsequent years were characterized by the right to education of women in Russia even those that are not nobble. Schools such as Smolnyi Institute for girls of the nobility in St. Petersburg and the Novodevichii Institute for the daughters of commoners were established to educate girls of respective social classes.

These events lead to the rise of women in various areas of the Russian social structure. Currently Russia has a gender inequality ranking of 51 out of the possible 148 countries. The country, based on the 2012, has 93.5% of their women over the age of 25 years with secondary education and above. Based on 2012 statistics, the country has 56.3% of women in the labor force with 11% representation in parliament. According to the 2013 gender gap statistics, Russia is ranked 61 out of 136 countries with a value of 0.6983.

There are a number of women who form a central part of Russian Identity and contribute towards the state of the country. A number of women organizations such as Women’s Union of Russia has facilitated the participation of women in the fate of the country. The employment levels of women both in government and private sector has increased with issues relating to women such as blacklisting of sexual harassment perpetrator blacklist.

Women have also participated actively in Russian politics with leaders such as Lyudmila Vartazarova, and Valeriya Novodvorskaya having immense influence. The role of women in arts is evident through the various roles they have played in contemporary music and poetry. Notable women such as poet Bella Akhmadulina are widely followed in contemporary Russia.