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Crucial Elements Of Building A Chicken House

A chicken coop is a building where chickens are kept. Coop acts as a shelter to them. The purpose of chicken coops is to protect chickens from the bad weathers like extremely hot weather, cold and rain etc.

When you build a chicken coop, it is suggested that you consider these guidelines below for a successful endeavor:

Element 1Appearance and Design:

Sketch out your design on the sheet of paper. Think of the colors you might paint the roof and poultry walls. It should not be served as distraction for the surroundings.  Once finished, always remember to remove garbage or weeds from around your poultry coop. You can seek help regarding construction of coops from learning centers both online and offline.

Element 2 – Using Sound Judgment:

When designing poultry coop structure, you must use sound judgment in every aspect. The doors you install need to open inwards and not outwards. Chickens should not be roosting with the windows, so it is best to install sliding windows.

And one more important thing is to slightly slope the flooring toward the threshold. This way the stream will flow out; hence handle the puddle problem.

Element 3 – Protection from Hazardous Elements:

As you might know, a well-built chicken hen house will protect your chickens from hazardous elements like bad weather (heavy rain, hale, snow, cold climates and etc.) but they will also protect them from hungry predators, theft and injury.