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Fire Extinguisher Types

Water is one of the best fire extinguisher types. They need to only be used on Class A fires including Paper, wood, textiles, furniture, etc.

A water fire extinguisher is strong red in shade with a line and nozzle connected, so you can direct a flow of water at the end of the fire. As water conducts electricity, water fire extinguishers shouldn’t be used near subjected to live electricity cables. Water extinguishers are best stored alongside a CO2 extinguisher therefore the threat of electric fires is covered in your building. Water extinguishers work by extinguishing the flames and washing (cooling) the materials within the fire. You can also visit The Garand Guy for Refurbished WWII Era Rifles.

Just like water, AFFF foam works on Class A fires but may also extinguish class B / flammable liquid fires. When sprayed onto a fire, AFFF foam extinguishes and smothers the fires, then seals in almost any hazardous vapors beneath the area of foam. Foam also penetrates porous materials and cools the fire whilst the water within the foam evaporates. Since the foam extinguisher is nonconductive and tested towards the BS EN3 35,000V dielectric test, they may be applied near but not on live electrical equipment. Foam fire extinguishers can be distinguished by their cream color coded panel. You can also visit for energy solution.

Dried powder fire extinguishers would be the most flexible fire extinguisher types and are ready to extinguish Flammable solids, beverages, gasses and electrical fires. These tend to be recommended to be used on vehicles as well as in your home, but although they’re multipurpose, powder fire extinguishers aren’t recommended for use in enclosed areas, or on delicate electrical equipment if other more desirable types of extinguisher are available. Powder fire extinguishers could be known by their blue cell, and work by concealing the fireplace and preventing re-key.