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Things To Consider When Choosing Small Chicken Coop Plan

What is the best type of coop needed to raise chickens on the city? Chickens will live in anything if given the basics of food, water & shelter from the elements. It all comes down to the aesthetics & how much space is obtainable & how lots of chickens are allowed per property. As a general guideline, it is best to have at least four sq. ft per bird. For most urban folks, a tiny number of birds is usually what is raised – usually five or less.

There are lots of designs on the Net for tiny chicken coops. These coops come in a transportable & a stationary variety. The transportable ones are usually called a chicken tractor or chicken arc. The trick is to find e-chickencoopplans that are well laid out step by step plan.

Chicken keeping is not the realm of the country farmer anymore. There is an exploding trend among urban dwellers to raise their own poultry for meat & eggs. Some municipalities permit the keeping of hens however only in tiny numbers. The keeping of roosters is against local bylaws in most places for the obvious noise reasons. Before raising chickens in the city it would be wisest to check with the local level of government to see what the bylaws are pertaining to raising chickens in your area. Another nice idea is to check with immediate neighbors about how they feel about the idea of chickens next door – after all they are the ones that are going to must put up with the noise & slight odor.