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How to Clean Silver

Silver is a beautiful material which is used to make some wonderful pieces of jewellery and silverware. Silver cutlery sets and decorative dishes are all very desirable objects and when it comes to cleaning them, there are a few pieces of advice you should follow to maintain their beauty.

Silver is quite a fragile material and as such care should be taken when cleaning. If there is no visible tarnish or the tarnish is very light then it can be hand washed using a mild detergent and by promptly drying with a soft towel.

Tarnish is actually corrosion occurring and it affects the outer most layer of the silver. To remove tarnish it is important that you use one of the specially formulated silver cleaning products available. Using a specialist silver cleaning product is the safest option for cleaning valuable silverware, especially if it is an antique or item of sentimental value.

It is best to use a cellulose sponge to apply the polish as this eliminates the risk of scratching. You can also use cotton wool balls. Some silver polish products will come with a special sponge designed for applying the polish. When applying the polish rub only in straight lines back and forth and not in circles. Do not scrub too hard and allow the polish to do the job.