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Game Locations of kim kardashian game

In the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game features locations that the player must go to. These locations are set up for photo shoots, dates and partying. These are the same locations that Kim frequents herself. Each city that you go to which has a specific place in which you will live. Initially you will be told by your manager who you will get at your first photo shoot, where to go. After a while you will be given locations by nicknames, such as DuLuxe Lifestyle Apts., which incidentally was Kims first home or the glam which is downtown LA.

This is just California that you will be travelling to but globally. Should you go to the wrong locations, this will cost you a lot of money. This is also where you would need kim kardashian hollywood cheat , so you can directly find the location. Just a tip. Your rent at the DuLuxe is $750 per month. You owe the landlord the rent, if you go back home he will ask you, if you dont go back home he will lurk the streets and lock up your apt.

There are plenty of locations that you will be sent to. You will eventually have the opportunity to have your first home and then many homes. There are more secrets to be found by using a website like With sites like these you can find out more about your challenges.