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Helpful Guide on Flower Scrapbooking

Scrapbooks are a great means of preserving your memories and there are few things out there that can carry as much memorable moments for you than flowers. Whether it is the first rose your husband gave you on your first date or a your prom corsage, crafting retreats Saint Cloud Minnesota can recommend a myriad different ways to incorporate those mementos in your scrapbook layouts. All you need is a little prep and you can do it. Here is a helpful guide to show you.

Collect the flowers and arrange them on a piece of acid free white paper. It is important to note that the flowers will remain in the shape for which they have been dried. Try to experiment with spreading petals and curving stems as a means to add effect and then cover the flowers with a second piece of white paper.

The next step is to place the paper between the pages of a heavy book like a dictionary. You can also sandwich the paper between several thicknesses if old newspaper or between a couple of pieces of flat board. Check every day or until the flowers are completely dried and flat.

Select flowers, flower petals and other parts that feature an appealing or graceful shape and then arrange them on the scrapbook as needed. Connect single flowers to scrapbook pages by running a thin veneer of glue along the stem and then gently pressing them into place. Tie small bunches of dried flowers using a thin ribbon or if you have it, embroidery floss. It is important that you glue or thread to page as opposed to the flower in order to prevent damage. Place individual petals between sheets of transparency plastic prior to mounting. This will allow you to retain the pattern.

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