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Spa Party Games for Healthy Relaxation

Spa party games sound like trivia or card games based on favourite Chick-Lit books or movies. They can be or they may even be based on nutrition, diet or exercise guessing games. anything that brings a round of light amusement to the gang waiting for their facial or turn in the mud is great fun for this party meant to relieve stress.

Mud Body painting:

This Spa party game themed idea is a great way to have a little fun along with your mud or clay masks at the spa party. You can make this game competitive by giving an award at the finish of the session for the most artistic body art. Spread out a immense floor cloth to keep the mud from getting in all places & you’ll also need lots of mud, brushes & some water.

Guests at the Spa party games will get in groups of & paint on each other’s bodies. They can paint anywhere on the body, but the back makes the largest canvas. For more help you can also search glama gal on the internet.

Caloric Count:

Try guessing games like guessing the caloric content of definite fruits, vegetables or other foods at your Spa party games. Set a pleasant example of different foods on display with a numbering system. Leave paper & pencils for guests to write their guesses on & then drop them in to a box with a slot on top. Later on open the box & see whose guesses were the closest. You can give the food examples as prizes to the guests who were closest in their guesses.