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Does The Keranique Hair Regrowth Solution Actually Work?

keranique hair treatmentKeranique works using natural keratin fibers that build on hair proteins, bonding to bald spots or thin patches to create a thicker, fuller appearance.  

Molly and Dr Oz showed how it works using an audience member who agreed to try the treatment. Molly Nover-Baker said Keranique Solution can be applied generously to any area where you are worried about baldness, with nearly instant results. You could see the results immediately upon application.  It costs about $21 in stores, and you may also want to get a reusable spray applicator for about $18. Toppik comes in nine shades to match your existing color. It is not permanent, but it will not come out until you wash it.

Next on Molly’s list of healthy hair miracles was a product that is supposed to actually help regrow hair.  According to Molly, users have to be consistent and keep up with their use of the product in order to get results. Keranique must be applied twice a day to properly stimulate and regrow hair. The active ingredient in Keranique, Minoxidil, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in regrowing hair.  It is sold in beauty supply stores and on the web for approximately $25.