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Cell Phone Radiation And Cancer

The “Interphone Study” is the name of a multi-country analysis on cell phones & associated brain cancer risk (May 17, 2010). The combined examination & results of the 13 countries participating in the Interphone Study are published in the “International Journal of Epidemiology”. Find out why you are more likely to get brain cancer after using a mobile phone. Why Night Terrors in Children and Adults increasing due to increasingly use of the cell phones.

The study summarizes the knowledge on mobile phone radiation & associated cancer risk. It reviews brain tumors, including acoustic neuroma (a tumor formed of nerve tissue) & tumors of the parotid gland. The knowledge linked “heavy” mobile phone use to a 40% increased risk of Glioma. The tumor would usually start on the side of the head that people hold their phone. If the person was right-handed, it would start behind the right ear. If the person was left-handed, it would start behind the left ear.

However, the Interphone definition of “heavy” mobile phone use is only hour of use per day. The average usage for people today is well over hour. Furthermore, the mobile phone does not must be “in use” for this length of time. The fact that it is turned on, & in your bio-field, means that it is altering your body frequency & immune technique. You can also get more info via

People have become accustomed to surfing the net, using social media, & even watching TV on their clever phone. Increasingly apps are being developed for clever phone users. This means that as the usage of cell rings increases, so does the risk of brain cancer.

Another cause for alarm is the amount of radiation they are subjected to from laptop computer & desktop computer monitors, hand-held e-readers, playbooks & i-pads. Radiation Safety standards are higher in most European countries. For example, the Swedish safety standard for computers is a maximum of 0.25 milligauss at 50 cm (about twenty inches) from your monitor. Lots of US & Canadian screens emit 5-100 milligauss at that distance. There is some disagreement as to what a “safe” reading is. Sweden has suggested a background reading of two milligauss. Other countries recommend one milligauss or less. The average time spent on computers has increased dramatically, like the usage of cell rings. Babies are more susceptible because their brains & immune systems are still developing. As the usage of computers & hand-held devices increases, so does the risk of brain cancer.