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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Offers Good News For Zombie Lovers

Zombie lovers unite once again. Since the release of the last Call of Duty Zombies, many have wondered if Sledgehammer was going to cater to zombie fans in its upcoming Call of Duty game. The game has been in production for three years and from the beginning, rumors and speculations have flown. At first, It seemed as though there would only be a multiplayer, campaign, and survival mode. Recent reports from an insider, however, indicate the game will include Advanced Warfare Zombies. Although the news hasn’t been officially released yet, the insider claims to have a video proving this addition. If you want to see it for yourself, visit the official Advanced Warfare Zombies website. Click the “view” button and follow the brief instructions to view it, and make sure you share with any friends who are doubtful about the zombie addition.

Fortunately for gamers, it makes sense Sledgehammer will add Advanced Warfare Zombies to the new Call of Duty game. The addition has been requested for years by Call of Duty players. In fact, many players have said the mode offers an exciting spin on the normal Call of Duty gameplay and it seems to appeal to all age groups. Many gamers prefer the zombie mode to any other mode and many even purchase the game just to play it. It’s no secret that zombies offer a new level of entertainment and fun.

Those who have been anticipating the release of the newest version of Call of Duty and hoping it is zombie-friendly will be thrilled at the latest news. Don’t take our word for it though, watch the controversial video and decide for yourself on the official COD Advanced Warfare Zombies website. Simply click the “view” button and follow the simple instructions on the screen. Once you see it, it’ll be even harder to wait for the release date.