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So You Fear That Your Man Might Get Bored Some Day & Leave You? Read This & it Won’t Happen

While you may think your relationship along with your man is unshakeable, there’s lots of things that may cause him to sway and wander off like a tiny boy in a toy store. Sometimes, the most innocent and sweetest things you do (in your perception) are what can drive your man away. Here’s what guys say about what makes them stay, and not stray.

Pursue your passion.
If there is anything you are passionate about, pursue it. Guys become bored and start to stray when their girlfriend settles for mediocre conversations and activities. On the other hand, a man would respect you in the event you can maintain a relationship and still live a fulfilled life. You can also visit to get more info.

Feistiness is fun.
An ideal relationship is not wherein fights have been obliterated from the method. If you are not fighting, then something is wrong. You, or they, may be settling and no longer asserting your needs, desires and feelings. Guys need to stick with feisty females who are not afraid to speak their mind in the coursework of an argument. They are not referring to nagging, ladies. You can also visit to get more info.

Clinginess cause claustrophobia.
This is the reason plenty of guys don’t require to go in to that deep abyss called long-term relationship. They are basically terrified that their girlfriend would get clingy and prevent them from living the lives they require. So, in case you require to keep your man, let him be a boy. Let him go out with friends. Don’t go monkey-crazy when they picks up his phone and texts somebody. Seldom snoop around his office and hang-out places. It is not chilled.

Confidence is charming.
Guys won’t admit it, but they are secretly giant fans of ladies who are giant shots in their selected careers. It does not matter what you do in life – in case you take pride in it, and can support yourself with it, you have your man’s respect, in case you are on an upward climb. You walk with a confident stride, and always have that open attitude that attracts people to your side. Your man would be so proud to be the man who is always beside you when others are aching to get close.

Jealousy is a joke (to any relationship).
If your man gives a girl a glance, don’t go ballistic and think he is about to cheat on you. Guys appreciate superficial beauty, but they always go for beauty that is beyond skin – deep. Relax. Don’t even think about bringing it up, even in the nicest way. When girls go crazy jealous, guys freeze and withdraw, because their egos get hurt. They feel undesirable and un-trusted.