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Laptop Repair Guide – Easy Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Replacing your hard drive can be a tedious task. However, in order to make it simple, you can follow the steps below:

one. Select The Correct Size & Type

Before replacing the hard drive, you must have a new drive prepared. Keep in mind to select the correct because they have few types. Check your hard disk connector type before purchasing.

The size is also important. Don't go purchasing a PC hard disk for your laptop computer.

two. Always Backup Your Files

Keep in mind to backup your files before replacing the hard drive. In case you can clone it, it is better. Use cloning program to do so.

In case you cannot clone it, you require to copy your knowledge by hand either by copying it to DVDs or other outside drive.

three. Remove Your Elderly Hard Disk

Remove your elderly hard drive by turning your laptop computer upside down & use the appropriate screwdriver. Take out the laptop computer battery to gain access in to the internal hardware.

Sometimes, you will require to remove all the covers in order for you to have access in to the internal hardware.

Keep in mind to do this gently. In case you feel it is hard to take it off. Don't force it. Check if you have left any screws or if you are doing it the wrong way. In case you damaged the connector, it will become unusable.

four. Install The New Drive

After removing the elderly hard disk, you ought to be able to put in the new drive. Do it slowly to prevent any destroy to the connector. For more help search

five. Configure Your New Hard Disk

Put all the screws back in & everything back, then you can start configuring your new hard drive. The BIOS ought to automatically detect the new hard drive. follow the on-screen instruction & you ought to be all right. Install your operating technique (OS) & you are nice to go. For more help search