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How To Get Good-Quality Power Amplifiers

If you have spent a good deal of cash on a pair of good-quality speakers, you wish to be sure that you get an amplifier which will deliver outstanding audio quality while meeting your budget. You dont have to be a specialist. The most apparent parameter is the size of the amp. This allows them to be stacked on top of your other audio equipment.

One technology is known as “solid-state”. Solid-state amplifiers now make up for the greater part of audio amplifiers. In the past, tube amplifiers have been popular. Even today tube amplifiers are still obtainable. These amplifiers are also known as “analog amplifiers”. This means that the majority of the electrical power supplied to the amp is wasted as heat whereas a small fraction is used to amplify the audio signal. “Class-D” amplifiers are also referred to as “digital amplifiers”. Because of the switching output stage, digital small audio amps typically have higher harmonic distortion than analog amplifiers. On the other hand, a few of the most recent models are able to minimize distortion to 0.05% and lower by employing a feedback mechanism. As a rule of thumb speakers with low impedance offer higher sensitivity. Check your amplifier manual to ensure that your amp can drive your loudspeaker impedance. Lastly, be certain that your amplifier introduces little noise and has a broad enough frequency response.