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All About Parking Issues In Major Cities

All important cities experience enormous challenges with supplying considerable parking to their residents. People who live in big cities like Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC understand all too well what a time consuming and difficult job it is to search for and find a parking spot.

Important cities have had to deal with the persistent shortage of parking spaces, whether in garages or on the road. Moreover, in most places of most big cities, one has to pay for on street parking on weekdays and Saturdays, whereas parking on Sundays is free. You can checkout yourself, if you will be driving to yankee stadium on weekends.

Seeking parking is frustrating and trying. The usual criticisms of residents and guests in large cities trying to find parking are:

– there aren’t enough spaces;
– spaces are far away;
– parking prices too much;
– I didn’t know where to park;
– one could not find any parking so I had to double park or park in an illegal area;
– I believed I found a place that was good but now I have a parking ticket / my car was towed as it turned out I parked in an illegal area;
– one could not get a parking license; and
– the parking staff at this garage is primitive.

Any city (large cities notably) needs to provide convenient and affordable parking for visitors and its residents. Additionally, trying to find a place in a large city can add to city traffic about 40%. Clearly, supplying more space is paramount, and there are multiple ways to do that.