Daily Archives: August 17, 2012

Dental Care With Spacers For Braces

Those going through the process of braces should spend a lot of attention on the care of their spacers during this short but important step. Particular attention should be paid during the few days to few weeks that the orthontic separators are in place. Of course, teeth should always be brushed and flossed properly. And having spacers for braces in place shouldn’t make that any less true. In fact, since these rubber bands must be worn continually until the dentist removes them, it becomes even more true.

Luckily, vigorous brushing will not negatively affect the spacers for braces or make them fall out. Eating patterns don’t have to change from the usual frequency or time of day, but certain sticky or sugary foods should be avoided. This would include such things as candy bars or taffy. It is also very important that the patient refrains from picking at the inserts as this can affect how they space out the teeth. Flossing is actually one of the more concerning issues however. Of course flossing can be done on most of the mouth, but the patient should be certainly not place the floss between the teeth where the spacers for braces reside. This small oversight can cause premature loss of the spacers and additional irritation to the affected areas.