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Make Music On Your Nintendo 3DS With The R4 3DS NitroTracker

Fancy yourself a musician? Then grab your R4 3DS and Nitro Tracker and show everyone what you’re made of. This Nintendo 3DS freeware application will let you create your own musical masterpiece right on your hand held console.

Nitro Tracker for the Nintendo 3DS is a full tracker program based on the Windows Fast Tracker software. It’s a composition app that lets you create your own music in the .mod format which can be converted over to the mp3 format for sharing with friends and online. Much like Fast Tracker before it, it features a 4 channel tracker, with the ability to compose music using 4 different tracks. If you’re familiar with trackers, you’ll know exactly what it entails. You use the 4 different channels to create music. Bass, drums, etc…

Trackers like Nitro Tracker have been a round for years. It’s how most of the game industry created and continues to create music for games, demos, presentations, etc… While making music is difficult no matter what you’re using, nitro tracker makes it easy for you to test your skills by allowing you to compose your music note by note right on your Nintendo 3DS console. It’s amazing what you can do in just 4 different tracks. Some of the demo songs sound as good as music you listen to on the radio.

You can use any samples you have in .wav format by just copying them over to the micro SD Card you’re going to use in your R4 so that you have all of the samples and sounds at your disposal and ready to go.

Best of all, Nitro Tracker itself is free. You can also download thousands of free samples and loops from the internet as well. A Great way for you to hone your production skills as a digital musician.