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Choose The Right WOW Class

In World of Warcraft, there are three basic roles (Tank, DPS and Healer) and two other roles (Crowd Control and Hybrid). The rank role is in charge of getting the attention of enemies in a fight. In an instance group or raid, tank role is the keystone. DPS class specializes in dishing out damage. Players in DPS class do things via physical damage or magical spells. A healer will focus on healing, preventing and mitigating. Players in Crowd Control class have the Crowd Control (CC) abilities. They are good at manage multiple enemies in large encounters. These abilities are not as integral in Wrath of the Lich King as in the earlier version of the game. It is said that crowd control will regain importance in the future patches of game. Hybrid class can fill any role efficiently, depending on gears and talents. Druid and Paladin are recognized as hybrids.

Death Knight

This is a class combine tank and DPS roles. All armor types are fit for Death Knight. They can wield most weapons besides daggers, staves, wands and shields. This class is introduced in Wrath of the Lich King as a hero class. People who want to start this class must reach level 55. If you are a player at or over level 55, you can create a Death Knight character on any realm. I have to mention that creating a death knight will cost some WOW eu gold or WOW usa gold.


This is a hybrid class be capable of tanking, DPS (melee), DPS (ranged) and healing. Druids often wear cloth and leather armors. They can use staves, one and two-handed weapons, dagger and polearms. Players in this class can change the shape as they like. As a Druid levels up, he can gain the ability to run fast and hide like a cat. In the early level, Druids often in one animal form. Since there are so many options available to a druid, it may be tough to make the right choice. Druid may be difficult to play in low levels. Players who want to play as a druid should gain WOW power level fast. As druids, players can try different roles.