Daily Archives: July 17, 2012

Is Landlord Insurance Important When Renting Student Accommodation?

I have been renting a flat in Cambridgeshire for just under a year now, and on the whole, it has been a great place to live. The flat is ideally situated, it is close to the train station which makes in very handy for travelling to London which is where I work. There are other things that make the location very good, we have one of the best hospitals in the country just down the road and a good variety of shops. The local schools are very good which always effects housing prices and the desirability of the location. The flats that we live in have only been built for just over a year, so they are nice and new with modern fixtures and fittings. I have recently been looking into different types of insurance as we have some expensive furniture and positions that I would like to make sure remain safe.

I have made some enquiries on the internet using comparison websites looking for contents insurance. I have been quite surprised by how cheap the quotes have been and I am seriously considering taking out a policy. I was under the impression that landlord insurance would cover my possessions, however, when I spoke to an insurance broker they told me that I would not be covered. I was not aware that Landlord insurance only insures the fixtures and fittings in the accommodation you rent and that your personal possessions are not covered by this .