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Large OFC Express Television Stand TV Riser

Would you like a TV rack that is modern, stylish, yet simple? Then, Large OFC Express television stand TV riser is ideal for you. Its design enables it to fit your home or any stylish todays entertainment centre. This TV rack can easily organize all the different characteristics of a leisure centre. Due to its small size, it occupies only a negligible space in your entertainment room.

With a dimension of 38 by 14 by 11 inches, the TV rack can hold large TVs of all sorts. It has a countertop of 38inches and can be able to hold the HDTVs without you having to worry it will fall off. It can hold any TV or digital device that weighs up to 150pounds without breaking. In addition, it can stay long without any damages.

Large OFC Express television stand TV riser has four storage spaces and cable boxes. This enables it to hold four different devices. The rack allows you to have a single space that can hold everything. One fine quality of this TV rack is its compatibility. It weighs about 37 pounds, which means you can easily move it in case you need to relocate or rearrange your room. You should consider buying this rack when doing shopping for stands or furniture for your home. It is fully functional and perfect for any home. It is quite a popular and fashionable TV rack.