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Unforeseen Consequences of a DUI

Most individuals facing a DUI penalty see the harm it can do to a driving record, insurance rate and even financial situation. However, some consequences may not be felt until after a few months have passed, and with more and more states getting stricter and stricter on DUIs, avoiding one is best. Still, if you find yourself in the back of a police car because of a DUI, then brace yourself for the consequences headed your way.

Kiss Your Job Goodbye

You might not lose your job, but your efficiency will be severely diminished because of the court dates and community service hours that might interfere with the job. Aside from the court dates, AA meetings and community service hours, you wont have a license to drive a car, so your daily commute just got a bit more complicated. If you do get to keep your license, a breathalyzer machine will more than likely be installed in your car. Say you have a breathalyzer machine installed. Your coworkers want to get lunch. Youre driving. Good luck explaining the circumstances and dealing with the embarrassing aftermath of the event.

If your job requires you to keep a clean driving record and superiors get a whiff of your suspended license, you will more than likely be fired. If you commute a long distance, say hello to even longer, more difficult travel times. You could hire a DUI legal advice in Irvine to help settle the charges, but even then, youre still looking at high insurance rates, no drivers license and a hefty fine. The stress you felt at work will now be compounded by the need to travel without a car.

No More Excess Spending

You might rake in over 40 or 50 thousand dollars a year; say goodbye to a decent-sized chunk of it. With fees as high as 10,000 dollars, a DUI is costly. Add in court fees, installation of a breathalyzer, travel costs to get to work, impound fees, AA classes and attorney fees and youre in a hole for quite a bit of money. All the extra money you pay to settle your DUI leaves you with little to spend on some of the things you might want to purchase, like a new car, electronics or a home. A DUI throws a big, fat metaphorical monkey wrench into your plans. Regardless of whether you have a DUI legal advice in Orange County representing you or not, the fines will not be appealing.